Stop Schnauzer Barking

It’s okay for your Schnauzer to bark sometimes.  However if your Schnauzer is barking excessively then this isn’t okay.  Keep reading to learn some great information on how to stop your Schnauzer barking.

Stop Schnauzer BarkingWhy your Schnauzer is Barking?

Before finding out how to stop your Schnauzer barking, you firstly have to figure out why they are barking in the first place.  The following are just some of the reasons as to why your Schnauzer may be barking excessively:

As a way of protecting their territory

  • As a means to get your attention
  • As a way to express that they are anxious
  • As a sign of excitement
  • As a sign of showing they are in pain

As you can see from the above there are many reasons why your Schnauzer may bark.  Remember, occasional barking is okay as it is your Schnauzer’s voice.  However, if your Schnauzer is barking excessively then you should take some steps to control the behavior.  The following tips will help you stop your Schnauzer barking.

Different Types of Barking

There are a few different types of barking – anxious barking and territorial barking.  Once you have decided the reasons behind your Schnauzers barking, it will become must easier to stop.

  • One of the main reasons your Schnauzer may be barking is because they have separation anxiety.  If this is the case then your Schnauzer may bark all day while you are not at home.  This is not very pleasant for those who live near you.  To stop this barking you need to firstly stop your Schnauzer’s separation anxiety.  The best way to stop separation anxiety is to end the association between your comings and goings with giving your Schnauzer attention.  To do this you have to not give your Schnauzer any attention for at least ten minutes before you leave your home.  Secondary, on your return do not give your Schnauzer attention for another ten minutes.  This may seem hard but it has to be done.  If you do this then your Schnauzer will be less likely to act anxious when you are not around and in turn this should stop your Schnauzer barking.
  • Your Schnauzer may also bark because they are trying to protect their territory (your home).  The main reason your Schnauzer feels they need to do this is because they think that they are the leader of the pack (your family).  You can stop your Schnauzer from barking by showing them that you are the leader of the household, not them.  There are a few different ways you can show your Schnauzer that you are the leader including always eating meals prior to them, always walking through a doorway before your Schnauzer and finally, make sure your Schnauzer is the last person you give attention to when you get home. Once your Schnauzer see’s you as the leader then they should stop their territorial barking.

If your Schnauzer is barking a lot then this can be a nuisance.  However, with time and patience you can stop your Schnauzer barking.  Not only will your household be a much happier place, but also your neighbors will really appreciate it!  So take the tips from this article and stop your Schnauzer from barking today!

Stop Schnauzer Barking
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