Schnauzers and Kids

Are you curious as to whether your new Schnauzer will get along with your kids?  Well, keep reading to find out!

Schnauzers and KidsSchnauzer’s have a lifespan of approximately twelve to fifteen years.  Therefore, they will be part of your kids’ lives for a very long time.  So before you add a Schnauzer to your family, firstly make sure that you and your kids will be able to completely commit to your Schnauzer for this length of time.   If you think you can offer this commitment then owning a Schnauzer is very rewarding and you will not be disappointed in your fantastic choice of pet.

Important things to consider in regards to Schnauzers and kids

Schnauzer and kids usually get along very well.  However, there are a number of things you do need to consider before bringing a Schnauzer into your home:

  • Schnauzer’s have great personalities and get along with most people.  However, if handled inappropriately by a child then your Schnauzer may get upset and they could even lash out.  The best way to avoid this is to teach your children to treat all dogs with respect.  If you do this then you should have no problem with your Schnauzer and kids.
  • Schnauzers and kids will usually get along better if your Schnauzer is fully trained.  If you do not train your Schnauzer correctly then they can become hard to look after.  If this is the case then your Schnauzer will most likely not listen to you or your children.  To avoid this from happening, make sure you start training your Schnauzer from the moment you bring them home.
  • Before you bring a new Schnauzer into your home, you firstly need to find out if your children are allergic to dogs.  If you find out after you bring your new Schnauzer home, then you may end up having to give your new dog away.
  • If you have small children in your home that sometimes makes loud, unpredicted noises then you may want to look at holding off adding a Schnauzer to your family.  An unpredicted noise might make your usually well behaved Schnauzer act out.  If you think your child may startle a Schnauzer then it might be a good idea to wait until your children are slightly older before adding a Schnauzer to your family.
  • Your Schnauzer and kids may absolutely adore each other and get on very, very well.  However, this may not be the case for your Schnauzer and other people’s children.  Other children may not be so used to dogs and how to act around them.  Because of this, it’s vital that you keep an eye on your Schnauzer when they meet a strange child for the first time – just in case anything happens.
  • In all the excitement of adding a new Schnauzer to your family, you may forget to think about all the work that will be involved  And there will be a lot!  A new Schnauzer puppy needs lots of love, attention and training.  So if you already have a busy household with lots of children then you may not be able to give your Schnauzer all the time and attention they need.  So it is vital you think about this before adding a Schnauzer to your family.
  • Due to the fact that Schnauzers and kids do get along well, they are often a popular choice of pet.  A lot of people also think bringing a new Schnauzer into a home is a great way to show kids responsibility.  You children may promise to look after this new Schnauzer by feeding them and taking them for lots of walks.  The truth is, the novelty will probably wear off after a couple of weeks and you, as the parent, will end up being the main carer of the Schnauzer instead of your children.  Therefore, make sure you will have the time to look after your Schnauzer if this scenario does happen.

As you can see from the above Schnauzers and kids do get along.  However, owning a Schnauzer is a huge commitment and one not to be taken lightly.  If you feel you and your kids can provide a happy home for your Schnauzer then you will certainly be rewarded with a loving new addition to your family.

Schnauzers and Kids
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