Schnauzer Puppy Training Advice

Do you have a gorgeous new Schnauzer puppy?  How exciting!  The next step is training your new puppy!  Keep reading for some fantastic Schnauzer puppy training advice.

Schnauzer Puppy Training Advice

It’s important to start training your new Schnauzer puppy the moment you bring them home.

The following Schnauzer puppy training advice will help you get started.

  • Out of all the Schnauzer puppy training advice you will hear, the most important thing you need to know about is the alpha leadership position.  This means becoming the ‘pack’ leader of your family.  If you do not do establish this position early on then your Schnauzer puppy may try and become the alpha leader themselves.  If this occurs then your Schnauzer puppy may become extremely hard to manage and difficult to train.  There are quite a few ways you can show your Schnauzer puppy that you are the alpha leader.  One way is to only feed your Schnauzer puppy once you and your family have eaten.  A second way is to always go through a doorway before your Schnauzer puppy.  So remember, start establishing your alpha leadership position the moment you bring your new Schnauzer puppy home.
  • One important piece of Schnauzer puppy training advice is to always be patient!  Your Schnauzer puppy is only young so it’s vital to be patient when training your Schnauzer puppy.  It will take time however; the reward of an obedient Schnauzer at the end of the process will be well worth your time and patience.
  • Repetition is key when training your new Schnauzer puppy.  The more you repeat something, the sooner your Schnauzer puppy will understand what you are trying to tell them.  For example you will need to repeat commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’ over and over again before your Schnauzer puppy will fully understand what they mean.  So repeat, repeat, repeat!
  • Some further Schnauzer puppy training advice you need to learn is to be consistent.  This means always sticking to your rules and commands.  For example if you have a rule where your Schnauzer puppy is not allowed on the bed, then never let them on the bed.  Even if you really want to do it one day as a treat.  Inconsistency will just make the training process a lot harder.  It’s also important to be consistent with your chosen commands.  For example if you choose a command such as ’sit’ do not change it to ‘sit down now’ at a later stage.  This will just make your Schnauzer puppy confused and will prolong the training process.
  • Praise is a great tool to use when training your new Schnauzer puppy.  Whenever your Schnauzer does something correctly reward them with lots of praise.  This will encourage your Schnauzer puppy to continue the good behavior in the future.
  • Some important Schnauzer puppy training advice you should remember is to keep training sessions short and fun.  Your Schnauzer puppy is only little and their attention span will not be very long.  Therefore you should only train your Schnauzer puppy for around ten minutes at a time to begin with.  Make the session’s fun too by being enthusiastic.  Your Schnauzer puppy will enjoy training a lot more if you stick to the ‘short and fun’ rule.

There you have it – some fantastic Schnauzer puppy training advice.  Remember, the sooner you start training your Schnauzer puppy the better!  And if you put in the time and effort, you will be greatly rewarded by a well-trained and obedient Schnauzer puppy.

Schnauzer Puppy Training Advice
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