Schnauzer Potty Training

Potty training your Schnauzer is a must if you want to keep your floors nice and clean!  Read on for some useful tips and information on Schnauzer potty training to help you get started.

Schnauzer Potty TrainingThe following are some important aspects of Schnauzer potty training:

  • Schedules
  • Patience
  • Repetition
  • Stay alert
  • Mistakes

Keep reading to learn more in-depth information on each of the above Schnauzer potty training topics.


One of the main things to do when Schnauzer potty training is to have a set schedule.  This means taking your Schnauzer out to potty at the same times every day.  For example you could take your Schnauzer out to potty after they eat, when they first wake up and before they go to bed.  If you have a set schedule then you will be less likely to have accidents on your nice clean floors


Patience is key when Schnauzer potty training.  You need to remember that your Schnauzer will not be potty trained overnight.  However if you put in the effort and are patient you will see results.


An important aspect of Schnauzer potty training is repetition.  For example you should use a phrase such as “toilet” and repeat this every time you want your Schnauzer to go potty.  Soon your Schnauzer will associate this phrase with going potty.  If your Schnauzer does go potty on this command reward them with a little treat or lots or praise.   This will encourage them to listen to your command in the future.  So remember, repetition is important when Schnauzer potty training.

Stay Alert

Staying alert when Schnauzer potty training is very important.  This means keeping an eye out for any sign that your Schnauzer pay need to go potty.  Signs include your Schnauzer sniffing the ground or moving around in circles.  If you notice one of these signs then swiftly pick up your Schnauzer and move them to where they are supposed to potty.  To begin with, you may need to repeat this numerous times.  However, overtime your Schnauzer will learn where they should and shouldn’t go potty and you will have fewer accidents.


When Schnauzer potty training you need to be prepared for some mistakes on your nice clean floors.  If your Schnauzer does have an accident in the incorrect place it is very important that you do not yell or hit them.  This will just confuse your Schnauzer and will make Schnauzer potty training much more difficult.  Instead quietly clean up their mistake and take them to where they are supposed to potty.  Also, it’s important to reward your Schnauzer when they do potty in the correct spot as this will encourage them to repeat the good behavior in the future.  And as an added bonus you will end up with fewer mistakes on your floors.

Schnauzer potty training will take time so it’s vital you remember to be patient.  If you are patient and put in your time and energy you should end up with a perfectly potty trained Schnauzer.  So take the time and start Schnauzer potty training today!

Schnauzer Potty Training
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