Interesting Schnauzer Traits

The Schnauzer is a wonderful breed of dog with lots of interesting traits.

Interesting Schnauzer TraitsSchnauzers make wonderful pets and companions due to their fantastic personality traits.  The following are just some these interesting Schnauzer traits:

  • Intelligence
  • Protectiveness
  • Energetic
  • Loyalty
  • Braveness
  • Alert
  • Playful

Keep reading below to learn more in-depth information on each of the above interesting Schnauzer traits.


One of the most interesting Schnauzer traits is intelligence.  This is a great trait as it makes Schnauzer’s easier to train.  However, due to their intelligence, a Schnauzer can easily get bored if they have nothing to do.  Therefore it’s vital to keep your Schnauzer entertained with games, exercise and toys.


Schnauzers are extremely protective of their territory and families.  If you own a Schnauzer you will notice that it is quite normal for them to bark at strangers nearing their territory (your house).


Schnauzers are full of energy.  Therefore if you own a Schnauzer it’s vital that you exercise them every single day.  Any form of exercise will do – from going for daily walks, playing games outside, going to the beach or river or even joining up to a local dog obedience class.  If you do not exercise your Schnauzer then they may become restless and in turn this can lead to your Schnauzer becoming destructive or hard to manage.


Loyalty is another one of the interesting Schnauzer traits. Schnauzer’s become extremely attached to their owners.  It is for this main reason that Schnauzer’s are such a popular choice of pet for families.


Yet another one of the interesting Schnauzer traits is braveness. Schnauzers are incredibly brave and this goes inline with their protectiveness.  Even the Miniature Schnauzer is not afraid to bark at a much larger person or dog as a means to protect the ones he loves.


Schnauzers are extremely alert and they always like to know what is going on around them.  When out and about you will notice that your Schnauzer will be very interested in the other people and animals around them.  However, due this alertness, it’s important that you socialize your Schnauzer as much as possible.  If you do not socialize your Schnauzer property then they may act anxiously when around people or other animals they are unsure of.  To prevent this from occurring, it’s vital that you socialize your Schnauzer right from the puppy stage.


Schnauzers are very playful.  Therefore if you own a Schnauzer it’s important that you make sure they have lots of toys to play with.  It’s also a good idea to play lots of games with your Schnauzer to keep them entertained.

As you can see from the above information, they do have some very interesting Schnauzer traits.  Because of all these fantastic traits they make wonderful companions and will become your lifelong friend.  So make the right choice and adopt a Schnauzer as part of your family today!  You will not regret your choice.

Interesting Schnauzer Traits
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