Dealing with Schnauzer Separation Anxiety

Does your Schnauzer act anxiously when you are not around?  If you answered yes then your Schnauzer may have separation anxiety.  If this is the case then the following tips will help you in dealing with Schnauzer separation anxiety.

Dealing with  Schnauzer Separation AnxietyWhen you leave your home your Schnauzer may have a habit of making a bit of a commotion such as barking or whining for a little while before calming down.  This is okay.  However, if your Schnauzer continues to whine and bark for hours after you have left your home then this is more concerning.  Another sign is if your Schnauzer starts ruining your home and garden while you’re out.  If this is happening then your Schnauzer most likely has separation anxiety.  This is a common problem that many dog owners face so you are not alone.  However, it is not a nice thing for your Schnauzer to have as it makes them feel upset and anxious.

Therefore you need to take the following tips and start dealing with this Schnauzer separation anxiety as soon as possible.

  • Do you give your Schnauzer lots of cuddles before you leave your home and after you return?  By doing this, you are just encouraging your Schnauzer’s separation anxiety.  To help stop your Schnauzer ‘s separation anxiety, you need to end the association between your comings and goings with giving your Schnauzer attention.  The best way to do this is to not give your Schnauzer any attention for ten minutes before you leave your home.  And on your return do not give your Schnauzer attention for another ten minutes.  This may seem cruel but remember you are doing the best thing for your Schnauzer.  If you follow this tip in dealing with Schnauzer separation anxiety, then your Schnauzer will be less likely to become anxious when you are not around.
  • Another great way to help in dealing with Schnauzer separation anxiety is to mix up your routine.  If you have a set routine then your Schnauzer may associate your normal everyday tasks with you leaving the house, which in turn will bring on their separation anxiety.  For example something as simple as your alarm going off may trigger your Schnauzer’s separation anxiety.  A great way to combat this is to mix up your routine a little.  For example can someone wake you up instead of having an alarm go off?  These simple, little changes will help greatly in dealing with your Schnauzer’s separation anxiety.
  • A great way in dealing with Schnauzer separation anxiety is to prove to your Schnauzer that you will be coming home.  To start this process only leave your home for a few minutes and then come back.  Slowly, but surely build up the amount of time you are out.  Your Schnauzer will soon come to realize that you do return and that there is no need to be anxious.

Dealing with Schnauzer separation anxiety may seem like a daunting task.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  If you are patient and put in your time and effort you should be able to help combat your Schnauzer’s separation anxiety.  Your Schnauzer will be much happier and you will be able to leave them at home knowing that they are not likely to become anxious.  So take the steps and help in stopping your Schnauzer separation anxiety today!

Dealing with Schnauzer Separation Anxiety
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