About the Schnauzer Temperament

The Schnauzer has a wonderful temperament.  It is because of this that they are a popular choice of pet amongst families.  Keep reading to learn more about the fantastic Schnauzer temperament.About the Schnauzer Temperament

One of the best things about the Schnauzer is their awesome temperament.

The following are just some of the unique aspects of this Schnauzer temperament.

  • You may not think it, but Schnauzer’s are very protective and brave dogs that like to protect their territory and family.  They are not afraid to bark at a stranger if they feel they are a threat to their home or family.  Therefore, if you own a Schnauzer you will probably notice that they will bark at strangers nearing your home.  This also makes the Schnauzer a great watchdog.
  • One of the great things about the Schnauzer temperament is their intelligence.  This trait makes Schnauzer’s a pleasure to train.  However, the downfall with this intelligence trait is that your Schnauzer may start to get bored if not stimulated enough.  To prevent this, make sure your Schnauzer always has something to do.  This could be by leaving toys for them to play with or taking them out for their daily exercise.
  • When learning about the Schnauzer temperament, you will quickly see that loyalty is a major aspect. Schnauzers make great companions dues to this loyalty and become very attached to their families/owners
  • Another great aspect about the Schnauzer temperament is their plentiful energy. Schnauzers have a whole lot of energy and need to be exercised on a daily basis.  There are lots of different forms of exercise you can choose for your Schnauzer including going on walks, going to a local park, playing games with your Schnauzer or even signing up to local dog obedience classes.  No matter what you choose, your Schnauzer is bound to love it.  As an added bonus, exercising your Schnauzer is a fantastic way to bond with them.
  • Schnauzers are very alert dogs and always like to keep an eye on what is happening around them.  When on outings with your Schnauzer you will likely notice they are very interested in strangers and other animals.  Because of this, it’s very important that you socialize your Schnauzer properly from an early age so they do not get anxious and act out inappropriate when they do come across a strange person or animal.
  • Another thing you will notice when learning about the Schnauzer temperament is that they love to play!  This is a great part of the Schnauzer’s personality.  You can encourage this playfulness by playing lots of fun games with your Schnauzer.  Games you can play with your Schnauzer include fetch and chase.  Again, playing games with your Schnauzer is a fantastic way to bond with them.

As you can see form the above information about the Schnauzer temperament, they make wonderful dogs and very loyal companions. So if you are thinking about adding a Schnauzer to your family, then you are definitely on the right track!

About the Schnauzer Temperament
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